A new minimal cafe concept restaurant which caters Japanese fusion cuisine and coffee at a reasonable price. 

Lovely environment with dim lighting.
Coffee Cubes Matcha (RM 12++)
Green tea latte, coffee-flavored ice cubes, a shot of espresso coffee and milk alongside. Rich coffee and green tea flavour, pretty amazing combo i would say. Give it a try!
Gyoza (RM 13++)
Dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables deep-fried to golden crisp. Fillings were well portioned and fresh. The taste was lifted with the help of the special sauce. Yum!
Hotate Kushi (RM 6.5++)
Boiled baby scallop stick. Perfectly grilled fresh and juicy baby scallops covered in sweet teriyaki sauce was really delish!
Negima (RM 5.5++)
Chicken was well marinated and seasoned, then cooked to slightly brown. Slices of onion enhanced the taste and aroma of the chicken. Really love this! 
Riverview Side (RM 9++)
Sushi roll comprised of crab stick, sweet egg and coral, topped with a slice of cheese and fresh river eel. The sushi wasn’t well wrapped but it was pretty yummy.
Dragon Tail (RM 9++)
Deep fried prawn, cucumber, fresh juicy mango slices, mayo and fish roe sauce. Mediocrely simple and delicious. 
No. 10 Jalan Lazat 2 , Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
012-925 4004

Closed on Tues
Mon – Fri 1130am to 930pm
Sat – Sun 10am to 930pm