This place exudes a classy, high end vibe due to its posh interior and furnishing along with the picturesque view of Kuala Lumpur. If you haven’t know already, Yun House offers pork-free dim sum, but has the reputation of being one of the best dim sum place in the city. 

















































































Charcoal Lava Bun (RM10/pc)
Bun was soft and fluffy but too thick for my liking. The salty egg yolk filling was rich and flows right out upon biting into it. Plus point for the beautiful imprinted golden butterfly atop.

Chicken & Seafood Dumpling w/ Abalone (RM15/pc)
A dim sum meal will never be complete without the infamous “siew mai”. This is well done with huge bits of chicken and seafood, complemented with a juice and tender mini abalone.

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling w/ Fish Roe (RM12/pc)
Another dim sum delicacy better known as “har gao”, which was nailed by Yun House with soft and slightly translucent skin and fresh huge shrimp.









































Beancurd Skin Roll w/ Shrimp (RM12/pc)
Hands down one of my favorite dish. The filling was delectable with a mixture of shrimp and vegetable in which I assumed to be chives. Accompanied with a vinegar-ish dipping which elevates the flavor of the dish to a whole new level.

Yam Puff w/ Chicken & Seafood (RM13/pc)
Flavour and freshness was on point alongside the flaky exterior, which is just the way I like my yam puff to be. However, I would prefer the chicken pieces to be tad smaller and the yam wrapping it to be a thinner layer.

Rice Rolls w/ Crispy Shrimp (RM32)
Rice rolls stained with beetroot, projecting a deep reddish color. Extremely soft and silky, perfectly done. Scrumptious when paired with the crispy deep fried shrimp and special dipping sauce.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri  12pm-1030pm
  Sat-Sun  1030am-1030pm
Address: 145, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: 03-2382 8640