Youmiqi Cuisine serves exquisite Shunde cuisines and is a must-try especially for Cantonese food lovers. In welcoming the Chinese New Year, Youmiqi cuisine is offering a few types of Chinese New Year set menus for table of 10 persons. 

CNY Package – RM1588

Prosperous Lou Sang
One of the healthiest Lou Sang I’ever tried! Thick salmon slices are always needed for that extra bite! 
Flamming Prawn 
A very popular dish in parts of China. As the fire cooks the prawn, an appetizing alcohol aroma will whiff through the room. 
Light and packed with flavour, 
Stewed Wok
A variety of seafood and meat served in a big wok such as dragon grouper, clam, cuttlefish, meatballs, fu-chuk, yam and baby cabbage. 
The big wok is then filled with their homemade broth. As the broth simmers, the broth flavors get more concentrated. Love this thick and flavorful broth.
Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken 
Satisfying roasted chicken with crispy golden brown skin. A small bowl of chicken is provided to complement the flavor of the chicken. 
Pan Fried Black Fungus with Pork Paste 
Love chewy texture that goes so well with the flavorful pork paste. 
Sweet and Sour Pork Rib 
The pork rib are juicy and tender which goes really well with the sweet and sour sauce. 
Salt and Pepper White Bait 
These crunchy little deep-fried white bait are a real treat! 
Mushroom with Dried Oyster and Black Moss
This stewing made the dried oysters and black moss very soft and fragrant. Certainly a great dish to usher in the Chinese New Year. 
Braised Broccoli with Abalone Slice
With tender pieces of abalone, everyone will want seconds! 
Special Spicy crab
The sauce is thick and spicy which complements the crab well. 
Shun De Signature Dessert 
Traditional Chinese dessert origins from Shunde. It is crispy on the outside but chewy guey on the inside. A lovely kind of dessert that go easy on the sugar. 
There are three types of Chinese New Year package here which are listed below: 
Each CNY package comes with rice, tea and fruit platter. 
Opening Hours: 12pm-2.30pm & 6-10.30pm (Daily)
Address: 57, Jalan Klang Lama, Petaling Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: 016- 382 8778