Yezi is the first of its kind concept steamboat in Malaysia that uses a coconut-based broth inspired from a famous restaurant in ShenZhen, China. With emphasis on clean and healthy eating, Yezi’s menu derives from a wide repertoire of organic and semi-organic ingredients fresh from farm to the table.
Coconut-based broth.

Homemade meat balls, dumplings and pastas are prepared daily to ensure utmost freshness. Premium cuts of meat such as the world renowned Matsusaka Beef are flown in weekly from Japan.

With an extensive steamboat and a la carte menu, guests will be treated to variety of items that go beyond the traditional.
Fresh seafood offerings include a variety of all-time steamboat paring favourites including fishes, crustaceans, shellfish and fish are sourced live and housed onsite awaiting patrons’ selection.
The unique offerings of their specialty coconut-based broths are available in five unique broth variants to treat our patrons’ palates : Organic Yezi Broth, Imperial Canton Broth, Aromatic Taiwan Beef Spice Broth, Fragrant Shao Xing Wine Crab Broth and Wild Forest Truffle Mushrroom Broth.
Homemade fresh dumplings
A variety of mushrooms and vegetables.
Fried Squid Cake
Clams with superior soup cooked right in front of you which goes really well with the alcohol.
Address: The Roof, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: 5pm-1am (Daily)