Perhaps it’s about time to unwind and treat yourself to some amazingly delicious bingsu to beat the “summer” heat. Head over to try out their heavenly shaved ice desserts.

An array of freshly baked pastries.

Aren’t these cakes really cute? πŸ˜€
There’s three sizing options for their shaved ice dessert. Friends being smallest, followed by the medium size Family, and the last one would be the crazy huge Party size. P.s: Their party sized bingsu would definitely amaze you.
Pictures below are “Friends” sized, just nice for chilling with a friend or two. 
Coffee Bingsu (RM 19.90++)
Handful of cornflakes and Oreo crumbs atop a hill of beautifully fine shaved ice drizzled with espresso shots and topped with an amazingly huge scoop of rich and creamy chocolate ice cream, comes with an additional shot of espresso. Cornflakes added a nice crunchy texture while the Oreo crumbs gave an extra chocolatey taste. 
Oreo Bingsu (RM 19.90++)
Who doesn’t love Oreo? It just goes so well with almost every dessert, even shaved ice! Shaved ice was silky and rightfully milky. Chocolate ice cream lifted the dessert to a whole new level, chocolatey goodness! 

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Mon – Fri    7:30am – 12am
Sat – Sun    8am -12am