A new chic cafe located in PJ Newtown serving specialty coffee and amazing food.

Mushroom Soup (RM21.95)
A blend of shiitake, shimeji and button mushrooms, served with slices of toast. Creamy and packed with lotsa mushrooms! Was slightly on the salty side but goes really well with the toast.
Eggs Benedict (RM19.95)
Poached eggs, turkey bacon, spinach, hollandaise sauce, served with English Muffins.
 Scrumptious and filling. You can never go wrong with runny egg yolks.
BIG Breakfast (RM23.95)
Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, turkey ham, roasted potatoes, baked beans, rocket with slices of buttered toast. Every single ingredients was well cooked. A plateful of all the breakfast must-haves, perfect choice for big eaters.
Pan Seared Salmon (RM39.65)
Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Salmon was fresh but slightly overcooked. Mashed potatoes were on point! Flavourful and creamy enough. 
Fire Grilled Chicken (RM27.95)
Fire grilled quarter chicken served with garlic sauce and mashed potato. Chicken was nicely grilled and seasoned. Pairing up with the fragrant garlic sauce elevates its tastiness. 
Classic Cheese Burger (RM23.95)
House ground beef patty, cheddar cheese, tomato slices, pickles, served with soft charcoal bun and french fries. A pretty yummy beef burger as the beef patty was really juicy and flavourful. French fries were hot and crisp.
Squid Ink Spaghetti (RM29.95)
Home-style squid ink pasta served with scallops and prawns.
Mild tasting squid ink pasta dish. Squid ink should be used in making this dish. The seafoods were fresh.
Spaghetti Marinara (RM29.95)
Prawns and squid sauteed with traditional marinara sauce. Spaghetti cooked to al-dente tossed in the classic marinara sauce. Generous portion of serving and seafoods were nicely done.
Sriracha Chicken (RM21.95)
Sriracha marinated chicken breast, french fries with panini bread. Chicken breast was rich in flavour but leans toward the sour side. Was tad too sour for my liking. 
Albondigas (RM25.95)
House grounded lamb meatballs in home-made spicy tomato sauce. Rich in herbs and spices which results in a nice aroma. Spicy but you still crave for more.
Buffalo Wings (RM23.95)
Chicken wings with homemade BBQ sauce. Chicken wings were cooked till tender and juicy. The skin remains crispy eventho it was coated with bbq sauce.

Nutella & Banana Crepe (RM19.95)
Yummy crepes which wraps pieces of banana in it. You can’t go wrong with this crepe. Simple yet sinful. 
Belgian Waffles w/ Dark Chocolate & Banana (RM17.95)
Mediocre tasting belgian waffle which was drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. Generous portion of banana slices.
Churros & Espresso Chocolate (RM17.95)
Ever popular fried dough pastry, tossed in a sweet cinnamon and sugar mixture, accompanied with espresso chocolate digging sauce. Churros were fried perfectly and tossed with cinnamon sugar. The dip was on point, chocolate and espresso? Really special and good ! Yum ! 
Flat White 
Decent cuppa flat white which was really milky.
Iced Caramel Latte 
Milky caramel goodness. Perfect drink to beat the heat.

Jalan 52/16, Pj New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Mon-Sat   11am-12am 

Closed on Sundays