Tsujiri will be celebrating their 1st Year Anniversary Carnival at Damansara Uptown from 18/2/17 till 20/2/17. Get a 50% discount on purchasing the second parfait. You can also purchase their O-Matcha or Hojicha ice cream at just RM1 on 19/2/2017 from 4pm – 8pm! They’ve got lots of contest prices waiting for you there. Dont miss the great deals! 

Tsujiri is an established green tea brand from Japan with over 155 years of heritage. It originates from Kyoto Japan. One thing undeniable about them is their green tea ice cream which is really soothing and healthy as well. 

A Japanese atmosphere created with tatami. 

 Signature O-Matcha – Hot / Cold (RM15) 
Using the traditional grinding to bring out the best aroma and and flavour. 

 O-Matcha Cappuccino – Hot (RM15) 
It even helps in burning calories! Enjoy the great nutrients without worrying about the calories.

Yuzu O-Matcha – Cold (RM15) 
Very refreshing and i quite love the combination of yuzu and matcha. 

Wakoucha / Black Tea (RM10.90)
Yuzu Sencha (RM13.90)

 O-Matcha Latte (M-RM12.90, L-RM14.50)

O-Matcha Chiffon Cake (RM10)

O-Matcha Roll Cake (RM10)
Houjicha Roll Cake (RM10)
Black Sesame Roll Cake (RM10)
Moist, light and airy. 

Shiratama Kinako Kuromitsu (RM12)

Shiratama Kurogama (RM12)
Nice chewy texture from the cute lil mochi balls. 

If you’re not a fan of matcha, you do have some other choices too! 

 Ice Blended Chocolate (M-RM12.90, L-RM14.50)

Ice Blended Yuzu (M-RM12.90, L-RM14.50)

Love this a lot! So refreshing and addicting. 

Ice Blended Red Bean ( M-RM12.90, L-RM14.50)

They have two Float Selections:

Hojicha Float (RM15.90)

O-Matcha Float (RM15.90)

From left to right :  

Chiffon Cake Parfait (RM16.90)

Shirarama Parfait (RM16.90)

Ice cream was silkily smooth. 

Tsujiri Parfait (RM16.90) 
Choose either genmai (brown rice) flakes or corn flakes.

The sweetness from the green tea ice cream was just nice and it will leave a bitter aftertaste in every mouthful. 

From left to right: 
Tsujiri O-Matcha Shaved Ice (RM18.90)

Sunrise Uji Shaved Ice (RM22)

Fine shaved ice with strong green tea flavour. 

Yuzu Shaved Ice (M-RM14.90, L-RM16.50)

Definitely a great choice for you if you prefer some less sweet desserts.

O-Matcha Ice Cream (RM8.90)

Houjicha Ice Cream (RM8.90)

58, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Sun-Thu 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm.