Don’t know what to eat when you’re in TTDI? Why don’t you try these cafes here. They wont disappoint with their own specialties.

1. Torii 
Torii is a Japanese-accented gastro-bar, dedicated to the twin pleasures of yakitori and divine whisky.
2. Foo Foo Fine Desserts
Foo Foo serves finely handcrafted desserts of high quality which are guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth. Combinations of desserts here are unique but will not disappoint!
3. Aether Cafe
Aether Cafe is a cafe which offer deliciously healthy food and drinks.
It’s definitely a nice place to unwind yourself after a busy day in the hectic city.
4. The Grumpy Cyclist
The Grumpy Cyclist is one restaurant that won’t keep you grumpy to the contrary of its name.

5. Interlude International Tapas Bar
By naming itself as ‘The 1st Tapas Bar in Malaysia’ clearly presenting you a brand new and unique dining experience with ingenious taste of international. Interlude serves original & flavoursome food and cocktails in creative ways.
6. Chequers 
A newly opened cafe which serves handmade waffles using 
premium local and seasonal ingredients set in a fun and whimsical atmosphere. 
One thing that makes it special is their waffle with sweet and savoury options.
More details : HEREEEE
7. Frisky Goat
Frisky Goat is a place worth a try for good cafe food.
Especially their baked eggs and sweet waffles  πŸ˜€
More Details : meh meh
8. La Cafe Memoire
A cafe which serves affordable Italian and French cuisine. Food here is delicious and make you wanting for more. Be sure to check it out. Link here.
9. Pickle & Fig
A nice cosy neighbourhood that serves healthy fresh gourmet panini, sandwiches and smoothie. 
10. Quartet
A nice hipster cafe that cannot be missed. The coffee and food are here are on point πŸ˜€
Savoury comfort food make you want more.
More details : Quartet