Damansara Uptown, cafe heaven ! 

Warning: Do not proceed with an empty stomach late at night. HUHU.

1. Nara Kitchen & Co.
Nara Kitchen & Co. serves delicious clean eats in the Damansara area. A very minimalist cafe decked in white with light brown wooden furnitures. Casual and cozy ambience with great vibes.
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2. The Good Batch

                   The Good Batch is a cafe which serves really good food and coffee.
Kitchen is always open, and food will always be served ! 😀
A place you would definitely be coming back again and again.
 More details: Yummmmy

3. Tsujiri
Tsujiri is an established green tea brand from Japan with over 155 years of heritage.
 It originates from Kyoto Japan. One thing undeniable about them 
is their green tea ice cream which is really soothing and healthy as well.
Say green teaaaa

4. Epicuro

Pork, pork, pork and more pork. A restaurant devoted to serve customers some porky goodness.
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5. Frisson Coffee Bar

Famous for its bruschetta , this place is worth the visit if you’re cafe hopping in Uptown.
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6. Bingsu Cafe

A double storey ‘bingsu parlour’ located in Damansara Uptown.
They serve a wide selections of bingsu flavour to satisfy those craving of yours.
PSSST: DURIAN BINGSU FTW. More details: Bingsu Time !

7. Every Sundae

A gelato bar to satisfy those soft ice cream cravings in Damansara Uptown.
Be ready to feast on creative looking and tasting desserts.
More details: More Sundaes Please

8. Softsrve

This place gained the number two spot as the presentations and taste
 for the ice creams were 100% on point.
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POKC stands for People Of Kheng Chew. And boy the people of Kheng Chew better known as Hainanese people do know what is good food ! If fried chicken, pork burgers and deep fried meats are your thing, then this is the place for you.
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10. Juicify Juice Bar
Looking for some delicious food and juices? 
This is the place to be for those kinda healthy yet very delicious meals.
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