Running out of places to eat? Here is the guide of top ten places to dine in at Kota Damansara.

1. Olfactory Bulb
 Olfactory Bulb is a great bar lounge/coffee place/dessert hub.
Perfect for those laid back days.
One of the best waffles i have ever had. Yum! 
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2. Fifth Palate 
Fifth Palate is a great cafe for your fix for comfort food and homemade yoghurt. 
The staffs are friendly and the service was fast.
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3 Bags Full 
3 Bags Full is a cool cafe, great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Brownies, waffles and more shouldn’t be missed! 
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4.Rebellions Coffee Bar 
Rebellions Coffee Bar serves traditional
American breakfast/brunch with Mexican influences.

You don’t have to be a rebel to dine in here 😛

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5. The Beer Factory 
The Beer Factory is a brunch, bar and dessert place located in Sunway Giza.
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6. Wood & Steel

Pretty ambience with wood & steel decor.
 Photogenic and funky cafe with romantic lightning effect. 
An antique-inspired ambience! 
A creative cafe offering a wide array of food and emphasizing on music and art too.
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7. Kai’s Plato 
If you ever need a reason to come here, 
It’s because they serve delicious one pot seafood enough to satisfy your seafood frenzy! 
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8. Cafe Studio 
The ambience is really beautiful and unique.
 The main colour of focus for this restaurant is white. 
This place is really insta-worthy haha. 
You feel as tho you would want to take pictures at every corner cause everything is just so prettayy.

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9. Rimba & Rusa


At Rimba & Rusa, you would feel like everyday is a Sunday. 
From the lovely decors and high ceiling to potted greens in every corner of the cafe, 
makes this a very unique and lovely place.

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10. Ahmad & Co

Ahmad & co is a lovely brunch spot for great food and coffee in Kota Damansara. 
They also sell cigars here.
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