Waffles, waffles, WAFFLES! A list of where to find the best sweet or savoury waffles in KL. Check them out now! 

1. Olfactory Bulb

Olfactory Bulb is a great bar lounge/coffee place/dessert hub. Perfect for those laid back days. 

2. Fishee Coffee

A lovely and peaceful neighbourhood cafe with friendly vibes.

3. Fatbaby Ice Cream

Craving for some ice cream and not worried to be a fat baby?

4. Wesley Wild Honey

Wesley’s tropical wild honey is 100% raw, natural and unprocessed. It’s specially harvested by Giant Rock Bees, which are the world biggest bee species from the tropical rain forest in Peninsular Malaysia. One of the purest form honey which will definitely bring you lots of benefits. 

5. Inside Scoop

I scream for icecream, do I need to say more ? πŸ˜› The Inside Scoop is a famous ice-cream parlor located in Bangsar. 

A gelato bar to satisfy those soft ice cream cravings in Damansara Uptown.

7. Le Pont Boulangerie

Le Pont is a European inspired bakery and cafe. It’s a three storey store with lots and lots of pastries for sale. 

8. 3 Bags Full

3 Bags Full is a cool cafe, great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

9. Seven Cups

Seven Cups is a wonderful waffle and ice cream parlour in Empire Damansara.

10. Chequers

A newly opened cafe which serves handmade waffles using premium local and seasonal ingredients set in a fun and whimsical atmosphere. One thing that makes it special is their waffle with sweet and savoury options.