It’s undeniable that Malaysia is getting inceresingly hot compared to the years before. Ice cream is not only a ‘must’, but a ‘need’ for now! Soft serve ice cream the trend now due to its perfectly smooth and creamy texture. Here are some of the best soft serve places in town that you shouldn’t miss!
1. Eggu


Yummy, delicious and irresistible. One of the best egg waffle i have ever tried. You don’t have to fly to Hong Kong anymore haha πŸ˜›

2. Softsrve

Beat the Malaysian heat waves by savouring delicious ice cream here at Damansara Uptown (Utama)

3. Bean Reserve

Drop by the cafe to satisfy your sweet tooth or grab a bite! The scrumptious and chilly soft serves here would certainly turn your daily time-out into a relaxing escape to a faraway place of indulgence.

4. Hail’s Soft Serve

A new soft serve cafe is set to bring fresh new flavours to the town. Soft serves with premium handcrafted toppings, plated desserts and coffee could be found here.

5. Milkcow

Malaysians are joining the hype for gourmet ice creams. This time it’s MILKCOW. Milkcow is located in Midvalley.

6. P.S. Tokyo

 Japanese soft serves anyone? If you’re interested , why not check this place out and do a lil pick me up today πŸ˜€

7. Cremeo

Look out for its kiosk located along the Art Row in Publika and you will be able to get there (right beside Room 203). Not your ordinary soft serve. Quick-melting, smooth and creamy, rich in flavor, chilly and heavenly. Enjoy it before it melts!

8. Franco

Franco is a place perfect for those casual fine dining dinners. From delicious main courses to tantalizing desserts. Warning ; dessert overload ! Heh. 

9. Nana’s Green Tea

Everything matcha is served here. Be ready to feast some awesome desserts! 

10. Cafe Aboong


The infamous Korean fishy-shaped waffle ice cream has made its mark in one of the food heaven – SS15.