Having dilemma on where to get good pancakes in town? Soft, fluffy, scrumptious pancakes?! Check out the list!

1. Second Sunday

Who wouldn’t want a second sunday? C’mon, more Sundays in a week please πŸ˜€ Chilling here gives me the temporary feeling that I get to have an extra Sunday funday. 

2. Wicked Pancake Parlour

How wicked is the entrance to the witch’s den? Muahahaa.

3. Munching Mob Cafe 


A new cafe located in Bukit Jalil. A unique concept with good lightnings. Definitely one of my favourite dessert places. Good for gathering and catching up with friends. 

Om nom nom

4. Jam and Kaya Cafe
      Jam and Kaya is a lovely homey restaurant that serves breakfast if you couldn’t guess it already from the name. Get it, jam and kaya. Breakfast must haves?! πŸ˜€

5. Slappy Cakes

The wait for DIY Pancakes in KL is overrrrrr.
Now you can make pancakes right at your table!

6. The Grumpy Cyclist

The Grumpy Cyclist is one restaurant that won’t keep you grumpy to the contrary of its name.

7. The Red Bean Bag

Red Bean Bag doesn’t provide red bean bags as seats haha probably due to the fact that it wouldnt be comfortable. Plenty of seatings and always packed. A nice place that serves good brunch treats.

8. Tryst

Tryst is truly a place for desserts. Their pancakes should be the reason for you to come here.
There’s shisha here too. Plenty of flavours to choose from.

9. Franco

Franco is a place perfect for those casual fine dining dinners. From delicious main courses to tantalizing desserts. Warning ; dessert overload ! Heh. 

10. Ahmad & Co. Coffee + Cigars

Ahmad & co is a lovely brunch spot for great food and coffee in Kota Damansara. 
They also sell cigars here.