An ultimate list of best place for everyone’s favourite dessert – Cakes!

1. Jaslyn Cakes
Freshly made cakes, pastries, organic teas and freshly squeezes juices daily available here! 
 They only use organic flour, free-range eggs and no artificial essences and flavourings.
 How great is that? πŸ˜€

2. Sugar Rush
What’s weekend without a bit of sinful indulgence? Sugar rush is a hipster cafe that serves beautiful and delectable cakes! Definitely giving you a severe sugar rush! 

3. Double A Cafe
Another hipster cafe with variety of cakes. Cakes are quite quickly sold out. The cakes here are from Sugar Rush. Jalan Tiung and some other coffee shops. All well known , home grown brands.

4. Rekindle
Rekindle should be your place to be for good cakes and coffee.
5. P.S. Tokyo
 Cheesecakes, anyone? If you’re interested , why not check this place out and do a lil pick me up today πŸ˜€

6. Greyskymorning
You would definitely wanna spend your morning or evening here sipping on some good coffee or have a slice of cakes. 

7. Miss Ellie Tea House
An adorable little tea house.
Step in and be transformed into another world like

8. 46 by Project Gibraltar
A super amazing cafe that serves nice cuppa with extra passion and delicateness.

9. Mille Crepe by Vanilla Cakes
The name of the cafe says it all: MILLE CREPE
10. 2 Scones 1 Cup
Their freshly baked homemade pastries and cakes would definitely go pretty well with a cup of aromatic coffee or perhaps their premium fragrant tea.