Japanese fried food alert! A place definitely for you if you love fried food. The crispy delights just begs you to come back for more. It’s located right in front of Nando’s. 

Look at the huge crowd. It’s always crowded everytime I passed by. So do come early to prevent dissapointment. πŸ˜‰ 
Potato salad. (Rm6.50++)
 Their potato salad is the bomb! I kept on craving for it as it was really scrumptious. They mixed it with tuna. Tho I’m not a tuna fan, their combinations turned out to be very good!
Jumbo Prawn & Katsu Set. (RM 49.90++)
 Deep fried jumbo prawns with pork loin. The deep fried jumbo prawn was so delectable. Especially dipping it into the sauce (tartar sauce if I’m not mistaken). So good! I prefer pork loin over pork fillet as it’s not that hard.

Mixed Seafood Set (RM35.90++)
Deep fried prawn with white fish. Prawns and fish were fresh and nicely cooked till crunchy. Creamy tartar sauce goes well with the fried foods. Couldn’t get enough of it.

Tokusen Ippon Hire Katsu Set (RM30.90++)
 This includes deep fried pork fillet, steamed rice, cabbage and tonjiru. The tonjiru soup is miso soup with pork which is refillable. The portion may look small but it’s actually quite filling. The outer layer was very crispy and the pork fillet was perfectly cooked. 

Hire Katsu Set (RM28.90++)
Thick and juicy pork fillet deep fried to perfection. The crumbs gave an extra crunch to the already crispy exterior. Yum!

Homemade Chicken Katsu Curry (RM 28.90++)
Well marinated breaded chicken fillet fried to golden crisp. Japanese curry sauce was rich and thick, perfect match for the chicken katsu.

All of the set comes with steamed rice (plain white rice / brown rice), tonjiro soup (miso soup with pork), and cabbage, which are refillable for no extra charges.
Lot 56 & 57, Level UG, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

11:00am – 9.30pm