It was absolutely a great experience to dine here with the food advisor peeps. Good porky dishes could be found here. Time to explore great porky dishes at The Pork Place.
Seats aplenty, perfect for those family or friend gatherings.
They do sell varieties of fresh pork meat. Different cuts available here.
Warning: Pork adventure starts here, and it won’t be ending soon 😛
Pork Belly Salad (RM18.90)
Deep fried pork belly with fresh seasonal local and imported greens tossed in French dressing with lychee. Well, before filling your tummy with so much porky dishes, salad is indeed necessary as your starter. Fried pork belly was very crunchy and addicting. Lychee was very sweet and yummy.
Pork Bacon Salad (RM21.00)
Crisp romaine, lettuce, cherry tomato, olives topped with cheddar cheese and bacon bits served with our special house-made Orange dressing. Tbh, the greens they serve were indeed fresh. The homemade dressing married all the flavour of this dish well.
Twirls of Landrace-Duroc (RM22.80)
AKA ‘Pig-in-Blanket’ meaty meats wrapped in bacon. The gravy coated meat was really one of a kind. Bacon was cooked to perfection, creating a chewy texture with meat hidden in hit.
Loin Steaks (RM50.00)
Thin and succulent steaks grilled to perfection with onion rings and potatoes with wings. Loin was cut into perfect slices creating a prime lean cut of sweet-tasting pork. It was a lil dry but it would be fine if eaten with the gravy. The mashed potatoes contained bacon in it and it tasted a lil sour.
Crispy skin Pork Knuckle
(Whole-Rm69.00 / Halves-Rm40.00)
Oven roasted for moist, tender and juicy meat on the inside & a crispy, crunchy skin on the outside.
This was definitely scrumptious! It was roasted to perfection with a crispy layer on the outside. Highly recommended. Fluffy mashed potato was good too.
Best Of Bellies (RM65.00)
Juicy chunks of belly pork presented with mash and mushrooms. My peeps and I decided to name it as ‘fat-astic’. Cause the entire thing was just pork fats haha. I guess a lil meat was needed to balance it with the tangling fats. 😛 And btw, mushrooms were good!
Collar Steaks (RM68.00)
A cut above the rest with dauphinoise potatoes soaked in rich bone stack. The meat was quite hard, and you gotta exercise your jaw muscles a lot haha.
Barbecue Ribs (RM48.00)
Special cut – Pork ribs with belly marinated and cooked in barbecue sauce. Meat was tender and soft. The barbecue sauce was tangy, and some sweetness and of course some bitterness to keep it balanced.
Lot 31, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 7 (Bandar Puchong Jaya), Puchong,Selangor,
Opening hours : Tue – Sun (12pm-3pm) & (6pm-10pm)
Contact:+60 3-7729 4600