The Good Batch is a cafe which serves really good food with coffee for those cafe hopping adventures. Kitchen is always open, and food will always be served ! 😀 (something uncommon here in Uptown- usually cafes would close their kitchen during tea time)
Place can be crowded and noisy but during off peek hours,
service would be attentive and I enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere.


Caffe Latte (RM8.50++)
Right is Norwegian (RM20.90++). Smoked salmon, capsicum and onion confit, topped with a pair of of perfectly poached organic eggs and homemade lemon hollandaise on a lightly toasted bread.
Left is Portobello Road (RM19.90++). Breaded portobello mushrooms with wilted spinach, tomatoes topped with perfectly poached organic eggs and homemade Hollandaise on lightly toasted bread. One of the best dish here 😛 BUT THEY DON’T SERVE THIS ANYMORE *CRIES

Sadly, they have replaced it with this. A new twist to the portobello mushroom, now on top of hash brown and a bed of peppers. It is each topped with poached egg. Change is constant but I wished the previous dish stayed as it was. Wish they would change it back.
On the right is Cappuccino (RM8.50++).

Macho Nachos (RM14.50++)
Crunchy Macho Nachos topped with Fresh Tomato Salsa,
Creamy Guacamole and the sinful drizzle of cheesy mayo sauces.
The ‘Ang Moh’ (RM25.90++). Two softly scrambled organic eggs, streaky beef bacon, grilled chicken sausage with a vine of ripened cherry tomatoes, baked Portobello mushroom, pan-fried tomatoes, dad’s baked beans and our lightly toasted bread. A decent platter of big breakfast.
The right back is The Good Stuff (RM24.90++). A brioche French toast stack stuffed with fresh mango slices, drizzled with our very own Gula-Melaka honey, topped with crunchy crusted nuts and completed with a scoop of creamy Vanilla ice cream. The french toast was so soft and fluffy.
This dish is so heavenly good.
Fried portbello sticks served with their homemade Jalapeño dip. Well I’m not a fan of that sauce, the Portobello sticks were so crispy and it just makes me crave for more. Cant get enough of it.


The Banana Nutella Puff (RM15.90++)
Homemade desserts that served perfect with a creamy cold scoop of vanilla ice cream. There is always a space for desserts no matter how full I am!
The King cake (Rm12++). Moist banana cake with a chocolate banana centre, coated all over with a decadent peanut butter icing. It’s just the same as the VCR’s one.
Kaya Toast Cake. Pandan flavoured cake is layered with a decadent Kaya-icing and is best paired with a cuppa to balance the sweetness. As a kaya lover, i definitely enjoy this cake.
Opening Hours:  Tue – Fri 11am -12 am
Sat 9 am -12am
Sun  9 am -11pm
Address: 53, SS21/1A, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact Number: 03-7733 2303