The Botanist is one of the best Gin I’ve ever had! It is clean, smooth and fruity. As part of the ongoing #BeTheBotanist campaign, the gin brand introduced a mini film series, Wild – A State of Mind featuring foragers, chefs and bartenders from their global community that share a deep understanding of the place where they live and its seasons. 
The Botanist is more than just a spirit, it is of a place; a progressive exploration and a rare expression of the heart and soul of Ise of Islay. Their explorations of flavour on the wild Scottish island of Islay led them in creating The Botanist which includes apple mint birch leaves, sweet chamomile, heather, thyme and so forth. The versatile liquid, featuring 22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augment the spirit’s nine ore ingredients that is a rare expression of the heart and soul of the remote Scottish island. 
A wonderfully balanced and a delightful summer drink.
Guests were brought into the world of the Botanist through a farm-to-table experience crafted by Chef Albert Frantzen at Roost Kuala Lumpur. 
The menu was complemented by locally inspired foraged cocktails by Shirmy Chan. 
Roasted Nuts, Falafel, Eggplant Dip, Sweet Potato Croquettes, Grissini & Sour Dough Ciabatta. 


Red Yum 
Botanist Gin with cointreau, roselle, lemongrass and fresh lemon juice. Sweet, sour and refreshing. 
Tiger Prawns served with green asparagus, nasturtium and hollandaise sauce. 
Free-range capon served with polenta, demi-glaced baby carrots. 
Treasure 8 
Botanist Gin with Punt e Mes, elderflower liquer, wood smoke and tea quail egg. The bartender uses herbal tea quail egg as inspiration to create the umami taste. 
Panna Cotta with coconut and passionfruit. One of the best panna cotta I’ve ever had. Highly recommended! Rich and silky smooth! 
Botanist Gin with mint, orgeat syrup, blackstrap molasses, fresh lime juice and tonic water. Mint flavoured, creamy and sweet. 
Drawn to the philosophy of the Botanist, this community of like-minded souls are connected by a passion to explore their native landscapes and discover all that nature’s harder has to offer. 
The film emphasises on five different characters and locations. The films follow the stories of Nick Weston, Director of Hunter Gather Cook, Philip Stark, Professor and Director of the Berkeley Open Source Food project; Roushana Gray, Founder of Veld and Sea; Nick Liu, Executive Chef and Partner at DaiLo and Little DaiLo Restaurant in Toronto; Vijay Mudaliar, founder of NATIVE a foraged mixology bar in Singapore. 
These inspirational individual have discovered a way to reconnect them to nature and to obtain traditional knowledge that is at risk of being lost in today’s digital era. They are linked by a profound desire to share this knowledge with others. 
This film showcases people that there’s a world of flavour out there and to encourage people to get out there and discover it. With his philosophy in mind, they believe that the best way to enjoy The Botanist is to create local and seasonal drinks using foraged ingredients. 
To further empower guests, the gin brand invited local organisation, City Farm Malaysia to further inspire more city farmers to grow locally from anywhere for a more sustainable future of food production. 
During the event, they demonstrated methods to grow herbs to customise and enhance their The Botanish drinking experience with the perfect garnish – bringing out the 22 subtle botanicals. 
The Botanist is available in all major hypermarkets, supermarkets, hotels, bars and restaurants. 
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