Thai Syok has launched their second outlet in Sunway Mentari. Serving authentic southern thai delicacies. They even serve skewers with Thai influences. Great dining spot with family and friends. 

Chicken Feet Salad (RM13.9++)
Another way of eating chicken feet as a spicy salad item. It’s a cold dish and very different and unique. Chicken feet was a lil hard for my liking. 
Braised Pork Belly w/ Lime Sauce (RM19.9++)
Love this dish a lot as the lime sauce was so good and addictive. Pork belly was amazingly tender and awesome. Lime sauce indeed elevates the entire dish to a whole new level. Slurp! 
Thai Syok Vegetables Green Curry (RM14.8++)
Aromatic, creamy and extremely delicious thai green curry dish which will make you crave for more. Super rich in coconut milk and generous serving of vegetables which consists of eggplant, cabbage and long beans.
Crab Meat Fried Rice (RM13.9++)
Not your typical kind of crab meat fried rice as they didn’t use loose crab meat. A simple yet delightful plate of fried rice to satisfy your hunger. 
Pandan Chicken (RM17.9++)
Matinated with more than 20 different types of herbs and coated with BBQ sauce ultimately.  Flavourful and mouthwatering. Crispy on the outisde, juicy and tender on the inside. 
Thai Coconut (RM6.9++)
Simple but refreshing drink which should be accompanied with Thai delicacies.
Green Milk Tea Malacca Sugar (RM5.9++)
Their signature drinks that shouldn’t be missed as they use gula melaka instead of normal sugar. 
Red Rubies & Jack Fruit in Coconut Syrup (RM6.9)
Tropical twist of iced blended coconut milk with green tea. Seriously fine, soft and snowy ice hill topped with crunchy red rubbies and fresh nangka slices. Coconut milk was fragrant and yummy! Must-have treat after savouring those hot and spicy Thai dishes.

No 15, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway, 46150 PJ

03-5612 5916

Closed on Mondays
Tue-Sun  1130am-230pm  530pm-1030pm