With Guinness being enjoyed all over the world everyday, have you ever wondered what makes it the world’s favorite stout? Guinness Expert and Brand Ambassador Cian Hulm, from the home of Guinness has now come to Malaysia to lead a special series of in-outlet activation until January 2019. 
Bold flavors need a bold beer. One which elevates the experience to one of true taste perfection. 
Bombay Slider & Prawns
Crispy Tandoor Spiced Chicken served with Raita, cheddar crisps, masala onions, brioche and coriander. It also comes with tamarind chilli grilled tiger prawns and salted egg fresh prawn head.

The creamy, velvety texture of Guinness Draught contrasts with the hot and aromatic spices commonly found in Malaysia;s different cuisines, unlocking bold new flavors and sensations to favorite local dishes. 
Crusted Rack of Lamb
Roasted rack of lamb with pistachio and herb crust, served with braised morels. It comes with three sides which are charred broccoli with almond and feta, honey roasted carrots and buttery crushed potatoes. 
The bitterness from the extra hops in Guinness Draught cuts through the richness of the lamb and its conffee infused jus, uncovering the more subtle flavours in the morels, buttery potatoes and sweet carrots. It takes on the role of palate refresher to keep each bite as delicious as the last. 
Bitter Sweet Ending
Belgian dark chocolate ganache slice served with sea salt and nitrogen-charged smoked cream. 
The rich, robust taste of Guinness Draught complements the bitter sweet dessert, matching the perfect balance of bitter and sweet notes and intensifying the flavour. Served with smoked cream charged with nitrogen, the gas which famously gives Guinness its smooth, velvety texture. 
Blue cheese is served at the end of the meal to help aid in digestion.