A restaurant located on a hilltop creating an escape place within the city. Tamarind Hill’s peaceful and relating ambience exudes the feeling of dining in a hidden place as if you will never be found. You have to ‘walk up an appetite’ along a flight stairs (mind your steps during night) with flickering oil lamps at night. 
Tranquil feeling by just looking at the peaceful set up. 
It literally would made your day if you’re  drowning with your work. 

Welcoming starter. 

Sauvignon Blanc White Wine From New Zealand (RM41++ per glass)
Fresh flavour and good acidity which creates a refreshing sense. 
Deep-Fried Scallop in Sweet and Sour Coconut Soup (RM50++)
A very fattening soup I would say haha. Scallop was good, chewy and fresh. Soup wss definitely to go for instead of the classic Thai Tomyam soup all the time. The portion was really big which can actually share with two to three person. 
Deep-Fried White Cod Topped with Red Curry(RM105++)
It wasn’t too spicy and the white cod remained crispy eventho it’s covered with the red curry.
 It tasted kinda a bit like ‘Rendang’. 
Sauteed Fresh Water Tiger Prawns with steamed salted egg & green onion. (RM50++)
Tiger Prawns was really fresh. Love how the way the sliced the prawn from the back, which cooked it thoroughly and the side of the prawn was a lil crispy. The salted egg and green onion was really delectable and addicting. It just enhances the tiger prawn so well till I couldnt get enough of it.
Mango Sticky Rice (RM21)
Sweet potato taro ball and tropical fruit. Concluding the dinner with well presented desserts which is definitely a Thai signature’s desserts that can never be missed. Not enough for a glutton like me! 
A true oasis for a coeliac 🙂
Definitely coming back to try out other dishes, in a way enjoying the peaceful environment which could barely be found within the city centre. 
19A, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Lunch: Mon-Fri : 12pm-2.30pm 
Dinner: 6pm-10.30pm