Japanese lovers could consider to dine here as this is a ala carte buffet! Take as much as you can ;p They are having a promotion now so you shouldnt miss the chance. Lunch buffet costs only RM48 and dinner costs RM55++. But they have time limit which is two hours. So do get yourself bloated in these two hours! You can dine in here too if you just wanna order few ala carte dishes.
Caesar Salad (rm 11.90)
Bread crumbs, assorted vegetables with Chef’s special sauce. The sauce was really stylish and unique. Vegetables was fresh and paired up well with the sauce given.
Tuna Mayo Salad (rm11.90++)
Tuna mayo and vegetables with Japanese style sauce.
Potato Salad (rm 6.00++)
potato salad. I can never forget to order potato salad when it comes to
japanese dining. It is always a must for me to order this.  
Fresh Oyster (rm 4.90++ per piece)
Fresh oysters served with lemon slices. 
Chuka Idako (rm 6.90++)
Seasoned baby octopus. 
Ebi Chawan Mushi (rm 5.90++)
Egg custard steamed in a tea bowl. Pretty decent chawanmushi.
Sashimi Moriawase 6 Kind (rm 59.90++)
Assorted 6 kind raw fish with salmon roe. Salmon belly wasnt supposed to be in it unless you order another side dish of salmon belly. This is like goodness in a bowl. FRESH! 
Salmon Belly (rm 18.90++ for 6 pieces)
You can never get enough of salmon belly! It was really fresh. Me and peeps cant stop ordering. 
Ebi Tempura (rm 18.00++)
Prawns are quite fresh. 
Unagi Tofu (rm 13.90++)
BBQ eel and fried bean curd with sauce. So delicious  till I ordered one more of it.
Special Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM22.90++)
Mango Soft Shell crab with Japanese style sauce. It gives a twist to this sushi roll by adding mango on it so that the whole sushi roll doesnt seem all fried. The mango adds extra sweetness n freshness. 
Unagi Roll (RM26.90++)
BBQ Eel, Tamago, Kani Stick with teriyaki sauce. Perfect for those who dont fancy raw fish. 
Salmon Carpaccio (RM15.90++)
Salmon Sashimi & Vegetables with mayonnaise & chef’s special sauce. Fresh goodness wrapped with goodness sashimi. Perfect!
Maguro Aburi Teriyaki (RM7.90++)
Seared Maguro And Spring Onion with Teriyaki Sauce. This is one of their signature sushi. 
Salmon Skin (rm 9.90++)
Crisp, crackly, crunchy skin!  
Soft Shell Crab Karage (RM18.90++)
Their fried soft shell crabs were really scrumptious. Not over-battered and over-fried. 
Koebi Karaage (rm 8.90++)
Deep fried shrimps. This was unexpectedly good. You will just keep eating it as it is really addictive.
Kakuni (rm 17.90++)
Pork with chef’s secret recipe. So fattening but delectable.
Chili clam (rm 16.90++)
Fried clam with chef’s special chili sauce. The sauce wasn’t special. Enough heat and flavour in the sauce to retain the sweet taste of clams. 
Gyoza (rm 11.90++)
Stuffed with pork, assorted vegetables with various of spices.
Ebi Chili (rm 22.00++)
Prawn and onions fried with chili sauce. Sauce enhances the shrimp thoroughly which has a malaysian twist in it.
Sanma Shioyaki (rm 15.90++)
Grilled pacific saury. Fish is good as it is all charred in its whole form. 
Salmon Haraji (RM22.90++)
Grilled Salmon Belly. Outside layer is quite crispy and softness on the inside could still be remained. Healthy and delicious at the same time.

Sunway Giza Mall, No.2, Jalan PJU 5/14,, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
11:30 am-10:30 pm