Like most cities in Asia, street food culture is alive and well in Shenzhen, and plenty snacks and goodies of all shapes and sizes are offered in abundance on skewers, in boxes and bags, or in cute little plastic trays all over town. Below is a compilation of street food that can be found in Shen Zhen. 
Sizzling Skewered Squid that is also named as the “dancing squid on a stick”. 
Stinky Tofu 
Stinky tofu is a favorite snack on Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street. 
Xian Style Noodles 
Cooked with a variety of fresh seafood. 
Mutton Legs 
Delicious and smoky. 
Pig Brain 

Egg Roll
A variety of skewers. 
Candied Haw – a childhood favourite ! 
Yong Tian Long Pork Knuckle Rice 
The Pork Knuckle is braised for hours for a collage filled broth.
Fresh Steamed Scallops
Fresh Steamed Oyster