Shanghai literally means the city by the sea. Situated on the west shore of the Pacific Ocean, right in the middle of China’s east coastline, Shanghai is the China’s largest city and one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Shanghai is drawing more and more attention from all over the world. It serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade and cultural center in East China. 
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower is the world’s sixth and China’s second tallest TV and radio tower. However, even more alluring than its height is the unique architectural design that makes Oriental Pearl Tower one of the most attractive places anywhere. 
The tower is truly stunning to view when the lights are first turned on at 7pm. 


Chi Fan Huang Di Da @ Stellar International CineplexThis restaurant specialises in Hunan cuisine. Its unique spicy flavor has won it a place in Shanghai.






I highly recommend this restaurant!

Yu Garden 
Yu Garden is small in size, it contains all elements that a classical garden should have. The pavilions, halls, rockeries, ponds and cloisters all have unique characteristics. 
On the periphery of Yu Garden, there is Yu Yuan Bazaar, where visitors can buy all kinds of souvenirs like food, craftworks, jewels and so forth. 
Quiet and elegant place surrounded by old trees and beautiful flowers. 
Yu Yuan Garden is also brilliant at night. 
Hu Xin Ting Teahouse
 Hu Xin Ting is known as the first teahouse in Shanghai and it is the oldest existing teahouse in Shanghai. Hu Xin Thing is one of the inner scneries in Yu Garden.
It is definitely a great place to test the fragrance tea and experience the Chinese culture tea culture. The teahouse is made of wood even without an iron nail. 
Sitting by the window, having a taste of tea and looking down around, i feel so calm and peaceful. 
The various kinds of tea provided in Hu Xing Ting Teahouse are all famous tea. The water used to make tea is purified and mineralized, seeming clear and tasting sweet. 
Holding a cup of fragrant tea in hands, i felt a feeling of nostalgia lingering around my mind. 
Yu Bazaar
Yu Bazaar is right next to Yu Garden. It has a great number of small streets and lanes where you can find many restaurants, tea houses and shops. 
Hot and Sour Noodles (Suan La Fen) 
Nan Xiang Mantou Dian
They are famous for their pork and crab steamed bun. 
Da Hu Chun
 One of the best sheng jian bao i’ve ever had! 
Traditional Shanghai Yogurt
You can see this in a lot of shops in Shanghai.  
It is a good place to sample some local snacks and buy some souvenirs. 
 Th Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai is the largest Starbucks in the world with a total square-footage of 30,000 square feet, The Roastery features in-house roasting, three coffee bars, an augmented reality experience designed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, and a special Teavana tea bar. 
The design for the new Roastery was inspired by coffee and created exclusively for Starbucks’ Chinese customers and will not be repeated in other locations. 
Cejedary is an upmarket noodle house specialising in crab noodles. Available in two options; crab fat or crab meat, the restaurant has an inhouse team of crab pickers, who shell up to 12 hairy crabs for each bowl. 
Hairy Crab Noodles
The crab is gently cooked, splashed in subtle vinegar and served in a cloud of luxury. Love the sweet and tender flesh of the hairy crab. 
Golden Crabmeat Noodles
This signature dish is made with the crab meat and roe of a dozen of hairy crabs and edible gold flakes. This luxury bowl of noodles is priced at 360 yuan. 
Raw crab which is drowned alive in alcohol. For those who really love crab roe, you must try this out! It is so much better than what i had expected. Love the aroma of sweet and fermented rice wine. 
Jian Guo 

This Taiwanese owners of this Shanghainese restaurant solemnly swear not to use MSG or low quality swill oil in their cooking, which has garnered lots of from resident foodies.

It’s packed to the rafters most nights during peak hours, so reservations are essential.

Tianzifang or Tianzi Fang is a touristic arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated traditional residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai. 
It is now home to boutique shops, bars and restaurants. Tianzifang is a vanguard of creative expressions. Every boutique shines with flashes of wit and creativity with one of a kind handmad novelty items. 
Restaurants here are small but offer various delicious foods from many countries, such as Thai food, New York steak and burger, grill, Japanese sushi, French goose liver, cheese hot pot.

Shanghai Food hall 
It is located along the Nanjing East Road. A variety of local food choices here! 

Xiang Cun Da Yuan


 The dining process in this restaurant is to get a table and walk with the waitress to a kitchen where all the food available is laid out with prices. Once you’ve ordered your food, the meal is brought to you to eat. 

Speak Low
Speaklow is a speakeasy on steroids in the heart of Shanghai. It’s New York-esque with traditional cocktails and a low-key vibe.  
This busy Japanese-style speakeasy is hidden behind a secret door in a bartending equipment shop on Fuxing Lu. It spans four floors, each with its own concept. 
 The lively second floor recalls a house party and they serve classic cocktails. The third floor is a quieter, even more intimate affair serving super premium original drinks.
Karma Lounge is the brainchild of live music guy John Shanghai, whom you may know from his various live jams around town. Expect frequent appearances from acoustic musicians and DJs.
Chunlan Heritage Architecture 
M Stand 
A hipster cafe located on the tree shaded boulevard of boutique shops, bistros and design studios. 
Jia Jia Tang Bao
Hole-in-the-wall location, plastic-stool ambiance, long lines and an impeccable reputation for their made-to-order soup dumplings. 

Yang’s Dumpling 
One of the famous restaurant which sells homegrown pan-fried pork dumpling (sheng jian bao). 


Puffy dumplings with a thick skin sprinkled with sesame sees and chopped spring onions, are shallow-fried in wide black pans. 
Lian Hong Ying Shi Dian 
Another place famous for Sheng Jian Bao too!
The dough tends to be too thick for my liking though. 

Park Hotel Deli
The deceivingly named Park Hotel Deli has heaps of people outside because of their famous butterfly pastries.

Ah Da Chong You Bing
Chef Ah Da’s truly heroic spring onion pancakes are said to be the best in Shanghai. He only makes 300 per day, and when he has sold them, he packs up and goes home. 
Guang Ming Cun Da Jiu Jia
Heaps of people queuing outside the restaurant for freshly baked moon cakes. 
Hong Shao Niu Rou Mian 
Love the noodles a lot! 
A variety of fried food that can be found in convenience store. 
The Alley
Possibly one of the most instagrammable cup of bubble tea in Shanghai, The Alley’s brown-sugar-coated pearls which gives that marbled effect has been making waves throughout the city.
Lelecha @ Brilliance Shimao International Plaza 
Lelecha has become one of the most popular tea franchises. Apart from their signature black sugar milk tea, they also offer salted cheese teas and fluffy colourful bread. One of its outlet is located right beside Boba Cake. Beware the long queues doth come! 
Boba Cake @ Brilliance Shimao International Plaza 
This Boba Souffle is so fluffy and good! This souffle is sure to hit the spot! Definitely worth a try! 
Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai and it’s one of the world’s busiest shopping streets. 
Xin Shi Jie
A very famous building in Shanghai. It’s a big shopping centre and has lots of entertainments. 
M&M’s World 
M&M’s World has all the colourful M&M’s fun the brand is known for, like iconic chocolates candies and merchandise including apparel, chocolate candy dispensers, home goods and a variety of souvenirs. 
It also features a new mood analyzer, giving the guests the chance to scan their face and create own their own M&M’s avatar to use on social media. 
Majesty Plaza Shanghai Hotel
Majesty Plaza is surrounded by shops and restaurants in Shanghai’s city centre. It features fitness facilities, an indoor pool and free Wi-Fi. This property also has one of the best-rated locations in Shanghai!