Run by a chef who has received lots of awards in Malaysia and from China too. if you’re looking for a restaurant that serves good soft shell crab, and yes, you are at the right place! They are famous of soft shell crab and you mustn’t miss it.

Poached Prawn In Chinese Herbs Soup (RM60)
Delicious fresh prawn boiling in the sea of unique herbs soup. Tho it was tad spicy for me, i still kept wanting to drink the soup because it was really amazing.
Signature Soft Shell Crab (RM60)
They are famous for soft shell crab and you mustn’t miss this. Reservations are advised to be made since they only have few workers and they actually raise the crabs themselves. Therefore, it’s undeniable that the crabs are really fresh. The way to savour this scrumptious platter :
1. Flip the cup onto your plate
2. Place the soft shell crab on the salad
3. Pour special homemade lemon sauce over it
4. Savour it in a bite!
Steamed Chicken with Chinese herbs drops from wulu (RM45)
That small golden bowl is the essence of the chicken. It is cooked with a special mixture of Chinese herb. A very complicated process is needed to make this delicious dish. 
Claypot Beggar Fried Rice (RM50)
An amazing pot of rice filled with lots of fried pork lard. Simple and delectable. Generous serving of beautifully fried pork lard creates a great crunch in every single bite. 
Stir Fried Kailan with Hong Kong Preserved Veggies (RM30)
Quite spicy for my liking tho. 
Claypot Pork Knuckle (RM50) 
Braised pork knuckle cooked to perfection with dried chillies in claypot.

The Heritage Village, Lot G-01, Jalan SB Dagang, Jalan Dagang Sb, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

03-8953 0321