Restaurant New Peng Wah is located at S22 Damansara Jaya, which is near Atria Mall. If you are looking for some nostalgic home-style Chinese dishes, Peng Wah wouldn’t be a wrong choice for you πŸ™‚ 

A huge bowl of abc soup will be served upon dining in. Do not underestimate it as it was quite rich in flavour. The soup is free of charge.

Signature Lala Soup (S 16 | M 28 | L 38)

I always love steamed Lala dish and the soup is addictive! Fresh and distinctive! 

Signature Steamed Tilapia With Nyonya Sauce (100gm RM4.20)
Sour and spicy simultaneously. A lil spicy for me but it was really appetizing and good.
Signature Deep Fried Ma-Yao Fish (100gm RM6.80) 
Love this fish the most as the fish was so crunchy in every bite. Their special sauce indeed enhances the fish pretty well and it was scrumptious! 
Salted Egg Sotong (S 16 | M 28 | L 38)
This is so good and sinful. Can’t get enough of it. Salted egg always elevates a dish to a whole new level. 
Fried Pork With Curry (S 15 | M 22 | L 28) 
A lil spicy for my liking. But it was flavourful and delicious. Can’t get enough of it tho! Yum!
Home style Claypot Brinjal (S 16 | M 22 | L 28) 
The way they cook the eggplant is really amazing. I’m not a fan of eggplant but it still turned up pretty well for me. So, I guess eggplant lovers will definitely love this dish a lot ! 
Signature Potato Fried Pork (S 13 | M 18 | L 25)
Potato was perfectly sliced and cooked. Can’t get enough of it. Flavorful and good. 
Claypot Pork Belly With Salted Fish (S 15 | M 22 | L 28) 
A very popular dish in Chinese cuisine. Sizzling in a Claypot upon serving.  A lil salty but was very appetizing. 

Jalan SS 22/22, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

+60 3-7727 5288