Hotpot is taken to a new level by adding the premium ingredients, posh setting, and good services to the dining experience. It means now people can celebrate special occasions with a steamboat meal.
Signature Sake Broth
This broth will gets sweeter upon boiling.
Fresh Tomato Soup 
Love this nourishing and flavorful tomato soup! 
Mala Spicy Soup 
Tom Yam Soup 
Seafood Platter (RM158)
Salmon, prawn and squid Meatball, prawn, mussels, white clam, crab Meatball, enoki mushroom, spinach noodle, lotus, napa cabbage and potato. 
Farm Platter (RM138)
Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Shrimp Meatball, Pork, chicken, Beef and Lamb Slices, chicken and pork ham, enoki mushroom, spinach noodle, lotus, napa cabbage and potato. Spinach noodle is very tangy and interesting! 
Succulent salmon! 
Wagyu Beef MB8/9 (RM120)
Treat yourself to some premium cut of wagyu beef! 
US Scallop (RM35) 
Pork Belly (RM12)
Lamb Meatball (RM15)
Opening Hours: 4pm – 2am (Daily)
Address: No P-01-12 Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia