Craving for ramen or some delicious yet affordable japanese goodness? It won’t be a wrong choice to dine in here especially when you have run out of places to eat! 
Santen Sashimi Moriawase (RM33.9)
A beautifully presented bowl of freshness! Pretty and fresh! 
Salmon Salad (RM16.9)
Salmon was pretty fresh on average. A delightful bowl of salad to give you a nutritional boost. 
Soft Shell Crab To Salmon Skin Salad (RM23.9)
Salmon skin and soft shell crab were fried to perfection. Every bite was so crunchy and delicious. 

Chuka Santen Moriawase (RM15.9)
Corn Butter (RM9.9)
Buttery corns on a hot sizzling plate? Yes, please! 
Asari Butter Soup (RM11.9)
The soup was quite buttery and salty. 
Chicken Teriyaki (RM14.9)
Authentic shiny and flavourful chicken teriyaki. 
Teppan Beef (RM20.9)
A Japanese delicacy cooked on an iron griddle. The meat was a lil tough for my liking. 
Spicy Salmon (RM16.9)
Upon taking my first bite, i guess i cried hahhaha it was so so so spicy with a hint of sourness. Very special, but i can’t take too much of it tho haha. 
Gyoza (RM10.9)
Little fried wrappers filled with yummy fillings. Dipping it into a tasty sauce makes it even better. 
Spider Roll (RM24.9)
Spider roll is always a must for me when i’m dining in a Japanese restaurant. Well wrapped and coated with lots of ebikko. Yum! 
Special Salmon Roll (RM17.9)
Indeed a very special kind of salmon roll. Delicious! 
Tuna Mayo Roll (RM16.9)
A very excellent and tasty Japanese sushi rolls in their menu. Yummy-licious!! 
Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi (RM12.9)
Salmon sashimi was torched on point amazingly. Delectable and i wish i can have more!
Tomyum Chicken Katsu Ramen (RM22)
This ramen was really really spicy for me too! Literally finished up my whole glass of iced green tea. The flavour was pretty unique and different tho. Pairing it up with the chicken katsu was a good choice too!
Super Spicy Ramen (RM16.75)
Portion was pretty large. Well, this was not as spicy as the tomyam chicken katsu ramen. 
Black Pepper Beef Dry Ramen (RM21)
A lil similar to indomie haha. Black pepper was strong enough to elevate the entire dish to a whole new level. It was really flavourful and delicious.
Chicken Teriyaki Don Set (RM17.9)
Bowl of rice with grilled roasted chicken in teriyaki sauce with appetisers, salad and miso soup. Worth and satisfying. 

Lot PG-02B, Level Podium Ground Floor,, Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Mon-Fri   10am-10pm
Closed on weekends