Project B is kinda like a ‘fast food’ cafe. The snack plate from KFC is almost the same price as their set menu here. So why not dine in here? All proceeds from Project B will go towards supporting Dignity for Children Foundation. So do come here, grab a bite and support them.
#Project Fried Chicken
Brownie (RM3) 
Moist and gooey deliciously. Good that it wasn’t too sweet. 
Cookies (RM1.50 per piece)
It tastes somehow like subway cookies. But the price is more worth it here than Subway 😛

The signature Combo (RM15)
2 pieces of chicken served with chicken salt fries, dignity slaw and soft drink.
Coatings on the chicken have really nice crunch and flavor. They didn’t put much mayo in the coleslaw, that makes it a healthier salad for me. 

The Korean (RM15)
2 piece of chicken served with fries, kimchi jilgae and soft drinks. 
Love the coatings on the chicken as it wasnt spicy but sweet. Kimchi jilgae was quite diluted, and it is quite different from the classic style of kimchi. 

25-G Jalan 11/48A, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon-Sun:  11:00 am-10:00 pm
603-4050 3387