Port Charlotte is the name for the heavily-peated spirit made by Bruichladdich on Islay. Port Charlotte is named after a long-defunct distillery on the island, the remaining buildings of which have been bought by Bruichladdich with a view to producing whisky onsite again at some time in the future.
Port Charlotte Micro-Provenance tasting kits comprise three single cask bottlings of 200ml. This kit features Port Charlotte spirit distilled from Islay grown barley, peated to 40ppm. 
Some light refreshments before the Port Charlottle MP8 Tasting. 
The brand ambassador for progressive Hebridean Distillers, Chloe Wood.
Port Charlotte #1860
Creme brulee influence as well creamy vanilla influence.  
Port Charlotte #3403
Tobacco led smoke with plenty of cloves with a hint of cranberries and blackberries. 
Port Charlotte #3582
It has a got a good finish which has the smoke and sweet balance between the two. In other words, it gives me the Christmasty-feel and also a lovely spiciness.  


In their purest forms both chocolate and whisky are made from a simple set of ingredients that combine to produce a whole variety of diverse flavours. 
Smooth and silky chocolate infused with gula Melaka. 
Homemade ice cream made with cocobeans. Really smooth ice cream! 
In a nutshell, it was an excellent Port Charlottle MP8 tasting experience. 


For more information: https://www.bruichladdich.com/port-charlotte-heavily-peated-whisky-range/