Ploy serves Asian cuisine with a modern twist to it.
Just don’t ploy ploy with your food okay?
Unique decor. This actually gives me the creeps πŸ˜›
Selection of wine 
Avocado Salad (rm 12.70++)
Romaine, radicchio, ice berg with ginger dressing.
Buttery avocado with leafy greens and a nice dressing to mix it all up.
Pink Lady ( rm 34.70 ++ for 8 piece 
Soft shell crab, avocado, and cucumber wrapped with sliced fresh strawberry.
Just like the typical soft shell crab maki to be honest. It was just spicier. 
But I like that they used strawberry, very intriguing. 
Lotus Root Chips (rm 7.50++)
Toasted nori-Sesame salt.
‘Healthier’ alternative to chips ?__?
Ploy’s Pomelo Salad (rm 18.70++)
Roasted duck, fresh lime, mint leaf, chili.
A refreshing salad for those who enjoy pomelo.
Crispy Skin Salmon (rm 35.50 ++)
Spicy tomato herb vinaigrette. 
It was just really really good. Fresh salmon with fried til perfection skin ! 
Spicy Salmon Pizza (rm 30.50)
Salmon with oyster mushroom and fresh mint leaves. Thank god I could handle the spice. It wasn’t really that spicy to begin with. It was a delectable pizza. 
Ploy’s Black Fried Rice (rm 30.50 ++)
Squid ink, seafood, crunchy Thai basil, egg yolk, chilli.
If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you should try this. 
Black rice with raw egg anybody? Don’t worry it didn’t taste bad.
Yummy Pla Duk Fu (rm 16.50++)
Crispy catfish , fresh mangoes, shallots drizzled with lime juice.
The catfish was alright, I guess more lime juice was needed since I’m having to much of fried food πŸ˜›
Cracked Coconut (rm 21++)
Coconut sorbet coconut shell and tropical fruits.
Perfect dish to end your meal with. YUM. The coconut sorbet was just really good. 
It tasted as good as it looked.
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (rm 18.50++ per scoop)
Vanilla flavour. The ice cream was pretty good but quite pricey.
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