Malaysia’s 1st Restaurant that serves your own customized sushi rolls.
They also have this beauty here , matcha lava cake :O

This is located in Publika.
Another reason to visit Publika, the food heaven.

Macha Latte Float (RM12.90++)

The ice cream was da bomb. The texture is milky and smooth.
Matcha latte wasn’t too sweet, the taste should be stronger. 
You can actually customise your own sushi and salad.
For sushi rolls, you customozie your roll by choosing (white / brown rice) ,
(maki / uramaki which means reverse roll) and (seaweed wrap / soy wrap). 
can choose either regular (6 pieces of sushi or a salad that comes with
3 standard ingredients, 1 sauce ad 1 topping) (RM15.90) or large (8
pieces of sushi or a salad that comes with 4 standard ingredients, 1
sauce & 1 topping)(RM18.90++)
If you want extra topping or sauce or maybe some premium selection seafood,
additional charges are needed. 

So this is my kind of customized sushi roll. (Rm20.90++) 

// White Rice // Seaweed Wrap with avocado, japanese cucumber, mango,
marinated lobster, mental mayo, ebiko. Well, just a reminder that the
lobster I opted is ‘marinated’ , and I was quite surprised as I expected
the breaded lobster haha. I suggest this is better to serve with
breaded tiger prawn then 😛 It was quite fun to actually get to
customise your own sushi, since we occasionally dislike some side
toppings that is in it. Crack your brain and come up with your own
creative sushi roll.

Seafood Supreme (RM28.90++)

seaweed, white rice, soft shell crab, hokkaido crab meat, salmon,
japanese cucumber, cereal & yukke sauce. It comes with 8 Pieces of
sushi. And if you’re too lazy to customise your own sushi, you can
choose to order the chef’s recommendation sushi rolls. It is stuffed
with quite a lot of ingredients. The cereal on top was really delicious
and I wish I can have more of it. 

Salmon Mentai (RM21.90++)

Lightly, marinated fresh salmon fillets grilled in perfection. The skin wasn’t crispy enough.
The mentai sauce is overtaken by mayo tho. 

Salmon Onigiri (RM12.90++)

Hand battered rice balls stuffed with fresh salmon, tomato & cheddar cheese.
It was quite an unique style as they fry the onigiri.
And it’s quite worth the price for these three mini fried onigiri.

Lava Cake (RM18.90++) 

A rich matcha cake filled with sufficient matcha chocolate molten lava,
drizzled with powdered sugar and served with a sinful scoop of vanilla
ice cream, matcha chocolate sticks and fresh strawberries. 

Outer layer
of the matcha cake is baked perfectly but the inner layer is a lil

The combination of matcha and chocolate is really sinful
and delicious to be eaten especially with the vanilla ice cream.

A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open 10 am – 11 pm daily