Toasty pastry with an ice creamylicious core, wrapped firmly together and then glazed with the sauce of your choice on top. 
Eggy Kyapes (RM14.90) 
Eggette topped with chocolate gelato, marshmallows, almonds, matcha kitkat and m&m’s. 
Eggy Kyapes (RM14.90) 
Eggette topped with matcha gelato, Oreos crumbs,and chocolate chips. 
Eggy Kyapes (RM14.90) 
Eggette topped with blueberry gelato, frozen fruits, whipped cream, walnuts and oats.
Polo Kyapes (RM9.00) 
Polo bun topped with cookies and cream gelato, cornflakes, marshmallow, matcha kit kat and m&m’s. 
Waffle Kyapes (RM11.00)
Waffle with frozen fruits, Nutella and whipped cream. 
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