We all know that the weather here in Malaysia can be crazy hot sometimes, hence cold desserts are something that most of us can’t live without. Here we have MyKori who recently jumped on the kakigori, Japanese shaved ice dessert bandwagon to cool the heat. 

Matcha Adzuki Kakigori (RM17) 
Green tea flavoured shaved ice topped with japanese mochi and red bean paste. A classic that is loved by everyone. The green tea flavour was rich and taste so good with the red bean that was slightly sweet. The mochi balls are so cute and chewy!
Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori (RM21)
Milky shaved ice with bits of cheesecake underneath and delicious strawberry sauce and strawberry slices on top. Served with extra strawberry sauce as you will certainly need more. The strawberry sauce was amazing with the right amount of sweetness. However, the was not much cheesecakes to be found in it.
Melon Kakigori (RM24)
There’s nothing greater than a melon flavored kakigori served in a melon, topped with scoops of melon balls and almond flakes. A very refreshing and healthy treat for everyone.
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