Ming Chu Seafood Restaurant caters 17 tanks of all type fresh seafood with various cooking style. There are a total of 5 private room in different sizes for one to celebrate some special occasions with families and friends. 
Claypot Garlic Unagi Rice is highly recommended too! Topped with lots of fried pork lard and cooked with generous amount of garlic. 
Chinese New Year Package for 10 Pax (RM998)
CNY Great Fortune Salmon Yee Sang
Traditional Chinese Platter of Smoked Salmon served with a variety of colourful fresh ingredients. 
Great Blessing Shark Fin Soup with Maw & Crab Meat
Nourishing and tummy-warming. 
Fortune Years Signature Steam Tiger Grouper 
Prosperous Years Sake Steam Prawns 
Prosperous Years Crispy Roasted Duck
The duck was well marinated and the sauce amazingly compliments the tender meat really well. 
Prosperous Years Bean Root Vegetarian 
Great Blessing Savoury Rice with Minced Dried Scallop
Rice was flavourful and fragrant as it was cooked with lots of dried scallop. 
Happy CNY Fortune Tong Shui
Thirst-quenching and this is always needed at the end of CNY dinner! 
Happy CNY Fortune Dessert 
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm & 5.30pm – 11pm 
Address: 53, Jalan Radin Anum Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact Number: 03-90540590