Inspired by far-off Italy, Milkissimo takes the high-quality milk of the Hakodate region and produces authentic gelato with all the abundant blessings of the hokkaido soil. The true taste of Italy is the foundation of all their Gelato.Their gelato flavours are also inspired by classic Italian dolce desserts. Their gelato machine is from Italy as well. Their gelato is low fat, low sugar and no coloring! What’s something you shouldn’t miss out is their – anti ageing gelato! 

They have launched their second outlet in Malaysia at Da Men Mall. 

A variety of classic favourites and fruits & vegetables favourites. Their unique flavor includes edamame, sweet potato, pumpkin and so forth! Weird but worth having haha. 
Haskapp is the anti ageing gelato that i have mentioned above. It’s made of the fruit of Haskapp honey berry. A taste of red wine with a hint of added sweetness. Indeed special and worth trying. 
Smooth, light, creamy and refreshing! Their gelato will help reliving your thirst. Your throat will not feel uncomfortable after having their gelato! 
 They do serve Japanese style waffles and parfaits as well. 
Show this pic to the counter and get a 10% discount on their parfait. Valid till 29th Feb 2016. 
Ground Floor, Da Men Shopping Mall, USJ 1