Ramen lover rejoice! One of the newest ramen noodle house has made its way to Sunway Pyramid. Originated from Japan in with four of it’s outlet in Hokkaido, and another branch in Penang.

Miyabi Shoyu Ramen (RM23.50)
Soy sauce-based broth serve with thick char siew slices, Japanese soft boiled egg, black fungus, bamboo shots, nori, and scallions. The noodles were chewy but slightly dense. Broth was light and delicious.
Tonkatsu Ramen (RM25)
Rich and creamy pork broth served with springy noodles and other toppings. To my surprise, the broth was extremely salty, so much more than the shoyu, soy sauce based broth. 
Kara Miso Ramen (RM26) 
Hot and Spicy Miso Ramen. The egg is perfectly medium-boiled with an almost runny yolk. 
Yaki-Miso Ramen (RM25)
Fried Soybean Paste Flavour and the broth was brimming with flavors.  
Yaki Ramen (RM24)
Besides of serving ramen in a pork broth, they do serve fried ramen too. A plate of tasty fried ramen served with scrambled eggs. 
Hokkaido Chilled Ramen Salad (RM19)
A very unique and refreshing meal to eat especially with the sesame dressing that makes the whole dish so much more appetizing and tasty! It’s served cold and it tastes really great! 
Gyoza (RM13 for 6 pcs / RM19 for 10pcs)
The ultimate match for a hot and steamy bowl of ramen. Perfectly wrapped dumplings pan fried to slightly crisp on the exterior, but moist on the inside. The fillings were so delicious I kept helping myself to more. 
Ground Floor, Sunway Clio Hotel, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500, Selangor.

11am-10pm daily