The best people in the world know when is the best time for ice cream. And that is all the time! Fancy some alcohol in your ice cream but don’t know where to find them? Melt’On is a newly opened ice cream parlour which serves an array of alcohol-infused ice cream. Treat yourself to some amazingly good alcoholic ice cream to beat the heat.

12 unique and interesting flavours to choose from!
Note that all ice cream served at Melt On are made from scratch, and without any eggs.

Rum N’ Raisin
Fell in love with this as i could taste rum in every single bite. But it could do with more raisins.

Mid flavour, light, and refreshing. Not to mention its smooth texture.

Brandy Cherry
I absolutely love cherries and there are actual piece of cherry in this! Not overly sweet with a hint of alcohol.

Irish Coffee Ice Cream 
Get your caffeine fix from this signature coffee infused ice cream. So smooth and good. 
Baileys Oreo
Bailey lightly infused ice cream paired with crumbled Oreo cookies. Delightfully tasty. 
Chocolate Mudslide 

Luxuriously rich in chocolate and it tastes not overly sweet either.

Ice cream at priced at RM8 (single scoop), RM14 (double scoops) and RM19 (triple scoops).
Selected ice cream of premium alcoholic flavours are subject to an additional charge of RM1/ scoop.

BBQ Chicken Waffles (RM15)
Waffles was a dissapointment, overly chewly, dense, and too thick. Despite that, the bbq chicken was full in flavour and tender.

Mac N Cheese (RM8)
Quite creamy but lil watery. Portion is quite small as the price itself is quite cheap. 
Bolognese Chicken (RM8)

A hearty minced meat red sauce with delicate spaghetti. It was surprisingly good and the portion is the same as the Mac n cheese that I’ve mentioned above. Definitely not enough for a big eater like me! Maybe two servings of it will do haha?

Espresso (RM7)

27-G, Jalan SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, Selangor

03-5611 8328

Mon & Thu  11am-12am
Fri & Sun 11am-1am