21th September 2019 is the day of a historic moment for Matxi Corp for their growth, their advanced vision for vibrant vitality and their strongwill. At KLCC, this is the place where Matxi Corp celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary: Glory to Glory, in conjunction with Matxi Corp’s grand launch and Matxi S.G.’s 2nd anniversary celebration with the presence of 2000 distributors across 30 nations. Thousands of dreams will come through after this majestic celebration. 
Throughout the last two years, Matxi has breakthrough, raising its level to new heights, conquering the peak that seemed to be much more longer to reach. 
In conjunction with the slogan: “You Deserve A Better Life”, Matxi Corp is endlessly trying to make life better and bring more practical value through products and services. A better life can be achieved by bringing more practical value through products and services. Matxi Corp always brings the best interests for customers, communities, partners and investors. 
With only two years along with the vision and burning dreams, they are ready to conquer the slogan “you deserve a better life” 
This ceremony is an unforgettable milestone for Matxi Corp to meet more opportunities to reach new heights and glory.
Matxi Corp is expanding their business to over 30 counties and that number will increase by 100 countries by 2025. 
During this occasion, Matxi Corp announces the strategic investment from Malaysia group and introduce the transformation from Matxi S.G. to Matxi Corp, to step into international markets. Malaysia will be their 2nd market to enter after Vietnam, followed by Korea and USA. 
Matxi Corp (Vietnam) who is formerly known as Matxi S.G, is a subsidiary of the MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd. In 2 years, Matxi Corp has achieved many outstanding achievements and is proud of the most professional and powerful system in Vietnam and many countries with more than 20,000 distributors and agents. 
Matxi Corp specializes in business training, human development, helping individuals and businesses to develop outstanding sales with the most professional and methodical training roadmap and support tools. 
Here are some of the additional areas that Matxi Corp emphasises on: 
– Real estate
– Kid’s retail system
– Printing & Packaging
– Event Organization
– Functional Food and cosmestic Manufactory 
– Culinary restaurants system
For R&D, Matxi Corp established R&D center to continuously research in order to improve their product quality where the price can be kept affordable for customers. 
Matxi Corp even signed a strategic contract with research centers and manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia to transfer technology, research and renovate the management and operation flow according to the most rigorous standards. 
Here are some of the essential MATXCorp products: 
A healthy product for men which consists of Tongkat Ali Physta, Greenage Enzyme, Isomaltooligosaccharide and Mulblberry Enzyme. 
X-Collagen which is what every woman needs! 
Weight Loss Support 
Matxi Corp is also a full-responsibility company to their community. They are the founder of the program ” You deserve a better life”, deducting 10% of their monthly profits to ease the difficulties and burdens of thousands of households across Vietnam. They also start running
Matxi Charitable Foundation with social protection for children and the elderly – An Nhien Home. 
Matxi Corp continues to work as a pioneer and lead innovation to achieve the goal of becoming the strongest Group in the region and reach out to the world in the period of 2019-2021. 
Malaysia Company Details 
Malaysia Company Name: Matxi Malaysia Sdn Bhd (1340975-W)
Official Facebook: facebook.com/MatxiMalaysia
Official Instagram: @matxicorp
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