Don’t have to go all the way to Hong Kong to enjoy authentic wonton noodle. Mak’s Chee restaurant has launched its first outlet in Malaysia, introducing the brand new culinary concepts to patrons. 

Signature Sea Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup (RM12.90) 
The noodle’s texture was distinctively firm and springy. Springily thin and it doesn’t really expend after soaking in the soup for awhile. 

Wontons hidden under the noodles. 
Their signature wontons were pretty delicious as they were stuffed with prawns and some secret ingredients. Soup was light and clear, delightfully simple.  The prawns in it indeed gave a juicy crunch to the wontons. 
Dry noodle with prawn dumplings and beef brisket (RM16.90). 
I personally think the dry sauce served was not enough. Beef brisket was tender and juicy. 
Prawn dumplings were unique and strongly flavored. Very different from prawn wontons. The dumplings were stuffed with shredded mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Still prefer their wontons over their dumplings tho hehe. 
Opposite Cold Storage 
Daily 10am – 10pm