Macau is a world into itself. In this unique city located between East and West, millennia of Chinese tradition meet old-world Portuguese charm. Every year, visitors from around the world pour into the city to experience all it has to offer, from luxury shopping and exquisite fine dining to prestigious events. 

The Grand Lisboa is the tallest building in Macau and the most distinctive part of it is its skyline. 
The hotel has over 400 beautifully appointed rooms and suites, featuring plush interiors and unrivalled views that offer an unforgettable experience of luxury, comfort and style. 
Casino Lisboa offers 800 gaming tables and 1000 slot machines.
Holy House of Mercy 
The history of the Macau Holy House of Mercy is tied up with that of the Territory of Macau itself, which was formerly under Portuguese administration and is now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Located at the top of a hill, the structure was the largest church in Asia at the time and was acclaimed as “The Vatican of the Far East”. Its existence was meant to express the triumph of the Roman Catholic Church through the ornate grandeur of the buildings.
The original structure was made of wood, which burned down in a fire during a typhoon in 1835, leaving only the beautiful granite façade and a grand staircase of 68 stone steps leading up to it.


Wynn Macau 
Sophisticatedly designed in luxurious grandeur which offers both the serenity and vibrancy you’re searching for. 

Wynn Macau Interior View 

The Venetian Macao is a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau owned by the American Las Vegas Sands company. The Venetian Macao is also the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia.


The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is one of Asia’s most exciting entertainment destinations, and nowhere else in Asia will you find such a rare combination of facilities, attractions, and amenities. Each spacious suite is built with lavish Italian marble bathrooms, taking luxury to a new level. 

Cheng Guang Ji Roast Meat
One of the best place to get the city’s best roast meats, including roast duck, chicken, and pork. 

The black pepper roast duck is one of their most popular dishes!

Roast Chicken
Pig’s Stomach
Char Siew 
Double Layer Steamed Milk Pudding 
The name double skin literally means the thin coagulated milk layer on top of the milk pudding.