The wait is finally over as the world most famous Spanish frozen yoghurt brand is officially in KL. It has been a hit around the world and now you can try it for yourself. Beat the heat with this amazing all natural frozen yoghurt ice cream.

Personalize your froyo with a wide selection of yummy sauces, crunchy toppings, or even seasonal fresh fruits!
Selection of delicious sauces.
All kinds of crunches to add an extra kick to your froyo.
Some fresh fruits, perhaps? 🙂
The froyo are extremely delicious due to its smooth and creamy consistency. Also, it is very milky but not overly sour. A healthy treat due to its high nutritional value which you could enjoy without having to sabotage your diet plan. Yumm.
Toppings: Dark Chocolate Sauce, Strawberries, and Cookies
This could get quite messy due to the chocolate sauce. Savor it before it melts! 

Toppings: White Chocolate Sauce, and Dragonfruit
Fresh, healthy, and flavourful combination.
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