MONSPACE Multinational Corporation has donated another vehicle to St. John’s Ambulance
Malaysia (SJAM), strengthening SJAM’s mobile clinic initiative. The handing over ceremony and
official launch of the mobile clinic was held on 23 Feb 2017, at The Earth, Bukit Jalil.

 Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, CEO of MONSPACE, said the move was inspired by the hope to see more
Malaysians getting medical attention. “The mobile clinic service will be able to reach rural areas
and even indigenous communities who often have difficulty accessing clinics and hospitals,” said

Dato Lai See Ming 
Commander in chief of St. John Ambulance Malaysia. St. John Ambulance Malaysia started in 1908, initially it was only confined to the British civil servants. In 1938 it was then open to the public. It was much later then the members were given first aid lecture. He said their mission is to prevent sickness and help those in need.  They have expanded their services such as patients transfer and humanitarian services, offering free medical clinic. They are the major players in providing dialytic service. With this mobile clinic, they are able to serve the community on a more regular basis. Last year they have launched the first mobile clinic in Kajang, providing medical treatments to the Orang Asli. 

 The bariatric ambulance was also donated earlier by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai. “I’ve always paid
attention to healthcare provision and medical issues in the country. I often visit institutions such as
orphanages, old folks home and NGOs to truly understand what are the pressing issues faced by
the nation,” said Lai.

“This mobile clinic is crucial in furthering the aim and core purpose of SJAM: to encourage and
promote all works of humanity for the relief of persons in sickness and distress without any
distinction of race, class, colour or creed,” said an attendant at the launch.

Dato Sri Jessy Lai handling the mock key to Dato Yeo Kim Thong, Hon. Secretary-General SJAM, State Commander, SJAM Selangor. 
Dato Sri Jessy Lai, Tan Sri Miss Hassan, Dato Lai See Ming- Commander in Chief St John Ambulance of Malaysia, Dato Yeo Kim Thong, Hon. Secretary-Gene. 

Dato Yeo Kim Thong, Hon. Secretary-General SJAM, State Commander, SJAM Selangor. 
“SJAM has been committed to serve the community since its founding. Following the addition of a
bariatric ambulance last year to serve obese patients, the mobile clinic is yet another effort to show
that we are constantly seeking for ways to make life better for all Malaysians.” said Dato’ Yeo Kim Thong. He assures St. John ambulance will always be there for the society. 

Group photo with local celebrities. 

For the second mobile clinic, it mainly focuses in selayang area and lembah klang area. It can help those to relieve the burden of financial problem. They even prepare free meals for 100 people per day. Cater up to 250 patients per month. They also distribute food to 500-1000 families per month. Furthermore, they even give free little advice and advocates to the refugees. 

Attendants at the launch were also glad to know that the mobile clinic will serve more than just
indigenous communities. It will also be visiting establishments such as orphanages and old folks

Interior of the mobile clinic
Mobile Clinic Doctor examining patients
Malaysians can contact SJAM for more details regarding the mobile clinic’s services. Dato’ Sri Jessy
Lai also hopes that more people would contribute to making healthcare accessible. “After all, it’s a
basic and universal right for all humans,” said the philanthropist.