Come here to fix your dim sum cravings with the iconic view of the 
KLCC Park right in the heart of KL.
This place is tho you’re at a Chinese palace with a gorgeous view j
ust enjoying your Cantonese-styled breakfast.
Steamed Shrimp rice rolls with yellow chives (RM16++)
Steamed rice rolls is always a must for me while having dim sum. Freshly made rice noodles and it was served pipping hot. Shrimp was really fresh.
Steamed fluffy buns filled with barbecue chicken (RM12++)
Char Siew Pau is definitely a must have. Soft, white and fine texture steamed bun filled with sweet barbeque sauce minced meat. So juicy and delicious.
Steamed shrimp Siew Mai (RM13++)
Every bite is burst with the freshness and juicy goodness of the filling. Wish I could have more of it.
Steamed fluffy custard buns (RM13++)
The other famous dim sum steamed bun. Classic custard-stuffed cardamom bun. But the custard contained was expected to be running out, it was the hardened kind instead. And it tastes kinda like kaya. After asking the chef, I was told that this is another kind of custard bun and they don’t serve the typical salted egg sauce custard bun.
Deep fried yam dumpling filled with minced chicken vegetables (3pcs) (RM12++)
Crispy crust with yummy filling. Yam was soft and the content was sufficient. And it is one of the best fried yam dumpling I have ever eaten.
Prawn and mango rolls golden fried with bread crumbs (3pcs) (RM13++)
This was a really special dish. Instead of the typical kind of salad prawn served in every dim sum restaurant, a tiny piece of mango is hidden underneath the golden fried skin. Quite unique and addicting. The sauce apparently tastes a bit like wasabi. Dipping it into the sauce makes  a perfect combo too.  
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