Lai Ching Yuen’s new a la carte menu is a testament to the inventive nature of the cuisine itself. Keep the favorites while adding new dishes and exciting flavors for even more exceptional taste. Introducing a whole new sensory and gastronomic experience with an array of exquisitely appetizing Cantonese dishes. The new menu is crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Terence Foong along with his team of culinary brigade. 

Exuding a touch of modernity to both the presentations as well as cooking techniques, and is a juxtaposition of flavors, textures and freshness. 

Smoked Duck Breast w/ Chefs Special Dressing
A great dish to whet your appetite and I really like the homemade special dressing. 

Stuffed White Mushrooms w/ Pork & Shrimp in Marmite sauce. 
A bite of yumminess. 

Stewed Stuffed Sea Cucumber w/ Shimeji Mushrooms & Bean Curd. 
A heart warming and simple dish. Totally in love with the smooth texture of the bean curd! 

Wok Fried Bei Fong Tong Style Prawns 
My all time favorite in Lai Ching Yuen restaurant! Deep fried and stir fried with chef’s homemade mixture to perfection. 

Crispy German Pork Trotter 
Large pork knuckle roasted till crispy on the outside and fork tender on the inside. 

Crispy Fried Cuttlefish with Salt and Pepper 

Marinated and deep fried. Crispy on the outside, tender and chewy on the inside. 

Baked Pork Ribs w/ Lemongrass 
Tender, juicy and tangy ribs. 

Steamed White Cat Fish w/ Minced Ginger 

Successfully built a deep, warm and slightly spicy flavour. A simple yet healthy dish. 

Fried Rice w/ Goose Liver Paste & Pine Nuts

Durian Puffs
Filled with fresh and delicious durian filling. So good! 
White Rabbit Sherbet 
Get hit with a wave of nostalgic with these little white rabbit candy munchies from your childhood. 

Grand Millennium Hotel, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, 160, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Bukit Bintang, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

12pm-230pm // 630pm-10pm daily