Clean and modern interior design. A place to dine in for lunch or dinner or perhaps some deserts as well. 

Kotakotak (RM9.90) 
Bite sized French toast with chocolate dipping sauce, fruits and nuts. A more crispy surface area in every mouthful. It would definitely taste better with more serving of chocolate sauce. 

Hello Mellow Pizzadilla (RM13.9)
Chocolate, marshmallow, strawberry and nuts on tortilla bread. A very elegant-looking and delectable dessert pizza. Generous serving of marshmallow elevates the entire desserts to a more sinful level haha. 

Little cake (RM16.9)
Fluffy pancakes with fruits. Salted egg yolk sauce and sprinkle of nuts. The taste was quite odd for my liking. Sour taste from the pancake itself and salty taste from the salted egg yolk sauce simultaneously.

Iced Green Tea Frappe (RM12.9)
Taste of green tea was very mild. Overly milky and bland.
No. Seksyen, 8, Jalan Presiden F U1/F, Accentra Glenmarie, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

+60 3-5569 0740

Mon-Sat  8am-7pm
Closed on Sundays