The first KOI Thé outlet in Malaysia is located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Koi Thé keeps Taiwan heritage of premium bubble tea alive with consistently controlled quality and standardized preparation process. 

 Ovaltine Macchiato (RM9.50) 
S-Konjac Milk Tea (RM8.50) 
S-Bubble Milk Tea (RM8.00) 
S-Bubble Black Tea (RM6.00) 
S Passion Aloe Vera (RM8.50) 
S-Caramel Black Tea Max(RM7.50) 

The pearls are much bouncier and chewy. 

Ovaltine / Chocolate Milk (RM8) *On the left 
It’s like a milo kind of drink but it’s one of my most favorite drinks here. It was smooth and mild. Pairing this up with their signature pearls is just incredibly good! 

 Loving Their Passion Fruit Aloe Vera too! Favorite exotic thirst-quencher combo! 

Location : Lot LG 329 (New Wing) 1 Utama Shopping Centre