Kofix cafe is a cozy and exquisite neighbourhood cafe serving a great selection of comfort food and crafted tea. 
Big Breakkie (RM23.90)
The big breakfast includes a full plate of durum bread, breakfast sausage; tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, hash brown, bacon, sweet potatoes and choice of sunny side, poached or scrambled eggs. 
Oriental Pasta (RM17.90)
Cooked with homemade Taiwanese sauce, mushrooms, chicken, fried face and topped with a perfect sunny side up. 
Smokin’ Duck (RM26.90)
Thick slices of smoked duck breast served with pan-seared baby romaine, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes and orange dressing.
Chic N Crumbs (RM22.90)
Pan-seated chicken with crumbs, roasted sweet potatoes. Comes with homemade brown sauce and salads. The chicken was a lil dry. 
Scotch Egg (RM20.90)
Durum bread served with roasted potatoes, sauté mushrooms, chicken scotch egg and orange dressing. 
Smoothies Bowl (RM17.90)
Consists of strawberry, blueberry, cornflake, walnut halves, oats, poppy seeds and chia seeds. 
Mediterranean Skewer (RM22.90)
Chicken skewers, pineapple, capsicums, cheesy Tortola bread and salads. 
Haiwanese Lamb Shoulder (RM25.90)
Grilled lamb shoulder served with roasted sweet potatoes, mixed grilled vegetables and Hainanese sauce. Very tasty food at such a good price! 
Greek Benedict (RM20.90)
French toast served with roasted lamb, poached eggs, grilled broccoli and topped with Hollandaise sauce. 
The Kofix Waffles (RM18.90) 
Belgium waffles topped with vanilla ice cream, mixed fruit, homemade syrup and walnut halves.
Green Tea Waffles (RM17.90)
Belgium waffles topped with green tea and vanilla ice cream, green tea syrup, strawberry and green seeds. The green tea ice cream has a very strong matcha taste that is almost bitter. 
Matcha, Black Sesame, Sweet Potato, Houjicha & Chai 

Opening Hours:1130am-10pm (Daily)
Address: 1-G, Jalan Perubatan 2, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: 03-4285 4285