Finding a place which serves vegetarian western food could be tough.
But not if you’re staying near Kepong and you crave for some tasty vegetarian dishes.
Jujube Vegetarian Coffee House is located on top of the famous Jujube Vegetarian Restaurant.

How cute is this vegetarian coffee house?

Hearty Breakfast (Vegan) (rm 15.8)
Sauteed button mushroom, japanese cucumber, sauteed cherry tomatoes, potato salad, vege salad with wholemeal bread. A nice hearty breakfast which is fully vegan. Love the sauteed mushrooms.
Paprika spaghetti ( rm 13.90) 
Sautéed mushroom with broccoli and capsicums. The overall dish for me was a bit too salty. They should minus the salt just a little. But it was a really nice dish as it had enough kick due to the paprika. 
I also ordered the spaghetti Bolognese ( rm 13.90). It was a nice vegan spaghetti. With just the right amount of tomato purée , mushrooms and veges.   
Vege Spaghetti Soup ( rm 13.90) 
Bountiful of veges in a bowl of spaghetti soup. It was a nice dish if you don’t want regular dry spaghetti. The soup was flavourful eventho there’s no meat in the stock. 
Granola (rm 6.90)
With the choice of soy bean milk or cow’s milk.
I opt for the soy bean milk. The granola was actually really good.
They have coconut shavings, walnuts, almonds, raisins which made it taste more great.
83 (Jalan 1/17, Off Jalan Kepong), 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur