Jonlivia is in fashion business that aims to make you look slimmer and healthier, and that’s what explains their tagline “Body Perfecting Fashion”. Jonlivia products can be worn throughout the day, either for staying at home or going out. It’s suitable for all kind of activities. Their best selling products are Hotpants and Back Posture.

The 5th Generaion Jonlivia Hotpants S+
 “S+” stands for: Soft, Stretch, Slim, Sweat. A new line of exercise clothing.
Jonlivia air hot pants is made of high-tech fibers which could increase the body heat when it is in contact with the skin. Since they are made of unique fibers and material, it gives a higher compression resulting in more sweating. This breathable Jonlivia Air Fabric makes you sweat three to four times more. It can also pull up to tummy level. 
This compression fabric provides 41 percent more support for your muscles, which improves blood circulation and oxygenation. Furthermore, it improves the functionality of the muscles as well. The inner layers increase body temperature and sweat while its outer layer is super absorbent.
 It also has an extra layer of strap on hips. 
It is recommended to wear up to 4-5 hours and if your body permits, you can even wear up to 9 hours. Well, i would suggest you to try wearing it for 1-2 hours at first because my body could not adapt to the “power” of this Hotpants. I got a lil dizzy at first because i wore it for five hours and it made me sweat as if i’m in a sauna. Therefore, i started wearing for two hours for a week, letting my body to adapt to the hotpants and slowly increase the duration of wearing it.
The effect is undeniably good. It increases the amount of sweat and promotes body detoxification. I highly recommend Jonlivia Hotpants!
It only costs RM188. Getting slim is no longer a problem now.